Equator (EQ8R)

Managed Automation Platform

The Equator Managed Automation Platform (EQ8R MAP) makes hard automation problems easy to solve

As a CEO, CFO or CIO, you just want your business to work...

When you embark on an automation program, you start with high expectations. Your pilot went well, but when you move to production, you get delay after delay. And once you're in production, you spend more time managing the minutia of your fragile robots than you do managing your business.

Three causes of automation project failure

After analyzing hundreds of automation projects, the team at EQ8R identified three common causes of failure:

1. Failing to design an end-to-end solution that can be implemented in the particular company.

2. Failing to effectively handle disparate data sources

3. Failing to accurately incorporate data from non-structured sources such as documents and PDFs

Easily solve hard automation problems

The Equator Managed Automation Platform (EQ8R MAP) addresses each of these causes.

1. EQ8R is implemented as end-to-end components designed to have few touch-points to other systems.

2. EQ8R uses sophisticated machine learning capability to match disparate data sources such as purchase order lines in your system with invoice lines in a supplier's system or remittance lines in a customer's system with unpaid invoice lines in your system.

3. EQ8R uses deep learning models to ingest unstructured data from invoices, remittances and contracts for use in the end-to-end solution.

Three steps to meaningful automation

Step 1: Choose the shape of your business

Depending on your business objectives, you may wish to reduce your headcount or keep your existing staff but free up their time to work on more value-adding tasks.

Reduce headcount

Expand capability

Step 2: Select your automation components

EQ8R has pre-built components that allow us to quickly build a comprehensive solution to a series of business processes.

Step 3: You run your business. EQ8R looks after the automated components

Once deployed, you continue to manage your team in the same way you always have. The only difference is that they are able to work much more effectively than before.

EQ8R Components

EQ8R is building out a number of components. Examples of components include a remittance to open receivable matching component, an invoice line to purchase order line matching component and a catalogue product matching component. Each component shares three attributes:

1. The component solves an end-to-end business problem.

2. The component can be implemented in most companies with very few dependencies.

3. The component solves a traditionally hard problem such as matching PO lines to invoice lines or matching remittance lines to open items in a company's accounts receivable system.

You can read more about EQ8R's components at this link.

The EQ8R Guarantee

The current state of the automation industry is that the hype is outrunning the delivery. There are big promises being made and very little in the way of delivery. At EQ8R, we want every client to receive on-going value. And we want our incentives aligned perfectly with yours.

To that end, if the performance of one or more components drops to an unacceptable level then there is no fee for the component that month. For example, say one of your existing staff has to work extra hours one month because the component wasn't able to perform the work assigned to them. You wouldn't be charged for that component for that month. And we will do whatever it takes to get it performing well again.