The Equator Platform

Automate business processes using the open platform your staff will love

Automate your clients' business processes with confidence

The Equator Platform is an open platform that plays nicely with all automation solutions so you can start automating your clients' processes today with Equator, using tools some of your staff probably already know and love, and incorporate these processes into any other solution your clients use now or in the future.

Start your automation journey using the Equator Platform

- You probably already have a staff member who knows how to use it!

Solve your client's key automation challenges...

A simple environment that stores and runs all of your automation code across all of your clients so you can efficiently solve all of their automation challenges

...using the tools you love

Uses non-proprietary software such as Python and Jupyter Notebooks, currently the world's most popular software language (source: StackOverflow)

Simple deployment

The Equator Platform can be quickly deployed in the cloud (on our account , your account, or your clients) or you can deploy it your datacenter or your client's datacenter.

Straight-forward pricing

You pay a monthly fee per server. There are no additional fees when you host it yourself or host it on your cloud provider such as AWS, Google or Microsoft Azure. If you use our cloud provider, we just pass on costs with a markup.