One of the advantages of using the Equator Platform is that each project you complete can be deployed as a one-off project or as an application that you can deploy over and over. We call these apps. You can even mix and match apps as required in delivering future solutions. The hierarchical nature of the EQ8R infrastructure means that you can choose to keep your apps private, make them available to other users in your company or even make them available to any EQ8R user.

Invoice allocation and tax splitting

The gray area in the diagram to right / below shows an EQ8R app sitting in and invoice and expense workflow. This company uses off-the-shelf invoicing and expense management software that was fast and easy to implement. But they found they were spending a lot of time entering the coding invoices and expenses and splitting costs across cost centres.

Using the Equator Platform, they built rules for splitting costs like rent across cost centres by the number of employees in each cost centre and they even automatically split invoices into a tax applicable and tax free lines for automated entry into their finance system.

Boomerang Analytics

A number of our customers have processes that they only run monthly, weekly or daily. For example, their Finance team prepares a Goods and Services Tax form every month, or their fulfillment team loads updated pricing into customer systems once per week.

The Equator Platform can take input via email or an API, perform the analysis or data transformation, and return the results back to the person who sent it.

Mixing and matching

You can combine apps together to perform complex workflows. The diagram to right / below shows a company that has decided not to implement an invoice processing system but the have a few key suppliers whose invoices take a lot of effort to allocate and cost. For these invoices, they have set up a Boomerang app that they email the invoices to, and OCR app that converts the invoice to data, the automated coding and splitting app at the top of this page, and a machine learning application that highlights anomalies in the invoice.