Benefits of adopting the Equator Platform

1. Someone on your staff probably already knows how to use it

The Equator Platform is built on Python and Jupyter Notebooks. Python is the world's most popular programming language (by Stack Overflow activity).

Jupyter Notebooks are the world's most popular data science platform having been adopted by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM.

Some of the world's most innovative companies are using Jupyter Notebooks to run hundreds of thousands of processes. Netflix, for example, uses Jupyter Notebooks across their entire business.

2. Safe sharing is encouraged; multi-tenanted by design

The Equator Platform encourages your staff to publish useful functions to a shared private repository. The repository makes it easy to find code that your team has written before. Did one of your staff write a function for a client that transforms an SAP report into a format suitable for uploading to the tax office? You can easily find it and use it or repurpose it.

In the diagram below, Jasmine is an analyst for your company. Jasmine can use functions from your company's central EQ8R repository (marked as 1) or from her department's private repository (marked as 4). Nitin also works for your company. He is working on a project that spans across multiple divisions. He can access any of the functions shared to your company's repository (marked as 1), his division's top level repository which has functions that can be shared across all of their divisions (marked as 2) and the functions private to the division he is working for (marked as 4).

3. Includes the best machine learning technology

Most of the world's data science is done using Python and Jupyter notebooks. Do you want to use the newest state-of-the-art machine learning technology in your automation solution? It is only a few clicks away. For example, the current benchmark for Natural Language Processing entity recognition is a Python library called Flair. It only takes a minute or two to install it into your Equator Platform.

Don't be restricted by the pace of machine learning development of your RPA provider. Get access to the best the world has to offer, now and in the future.

4. Easy to deploy

The Equator Platform includes an license which allows you to put the platform anywhere. Securely host it on your cloud provider, our cloud provider, into your own datacenter (or your client's datacenter) - even on your laptop if you wish.

5. Document conversion on-demand

Many automation initiatives require data to be extracted from PDF, Word or Excel documents. The Equator Platform includes out-of-the-box connections to the most popular document conversion companies (and your licence includes 1,000 pages document conversion per month). If you want to use a service that we haven't built a connector for, it is trivial to build it yourself.

6. Good for the environment

The software development environment, that is.

The Equator Platform couldn't exist without the millions of development hours contributed by the open source community. EQ8R pays 12% of net license fee revenue to the open source projects it uses. We currently individually select which projects we support but as we scale up we intend to use an algorithm that makes that decision a little less arbitrary :)

So, go ahead, build your automation solutions on the Equator Platform. Because it's Python code, the world's most popular programming language, the investment your staff make in learning how to build on the platform will serve them well wherever their careers lead them.