The Equator Platform

Connect everything.

Cloud-enable your on-premise ERP


Connect your systems (on-premise or in the cloud) with your business partners such as customers, suppliers, and banks

Customer use cases

1. Connect your order processing and invoice processing systems with your key customers

If you are a high-transaction volume business such as a food service company, keying in orders from your customers and sending invoices to your customers requires significant effort and errors are costly. With EQ8R's integration platform, orders from your customer's ordering systems are entered directly into your order processing system ready for fulfillment.

2. Connect your ERP / Accounting system with cloud-based procurement and expense management systems

If you use an on-premise ERP or finance system such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft (and many others) it is difficult for you to start using any of the amazing procurement and expense management solutions available today. With EQ8R's integration platform, you can automate the movement of invoices and expenses from these systems to your ERP / accounting package and automate the creation of payment files for your bank.

Additionally, if the online procurement / expense management system is not able to accomodate your complex expense coding rules, you can put them straight into EQ8R.

3. Connect your open items and remittances to your banking partner

If you are an insurer or other company who receives a high volume of payments, matching money received into your account with a customer invoice can be challenging. As an insurer this can be even more challenging because payments from brokers often don't have a unique ID. With EQ8R, you can extract payment data directly from PDF remittance statements from your brokers and match them against open items in your underwriting system in preparation for matching with payments received into your bank accounts.